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Southern Oregon Junior Spartans

 Want to play Hockey at the next level? Do you want to learn how to play as a team, and grow as a player? Then Southern Oregon Junior Spartans in Medford, Oregon is the youth hockey team you have been looking for. 


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Getting started can be a challenge and finding the answers you seek can be even harder. The easiest way to get your child involved is to teach them to skate. The RRRink offers a weekly class called simply enough, "Learn to Skate". This very basic class is taught by the staff who are all proficient in skating. Forward, backward, and stopping are all key components to being successful on the ice. Once your child has passed Basic level 1 there is "Learn to Skate Hockey". All that is required are skates and a helmet. Easy enough right? Perfect, now that your child is decent on skates. At this point gear is necessary, there is loaner gear or several websites have big discounts on new equipment. Learn to Play Hockey is on most Mondays at 5:30pm. There's always public skate sessions and Drop in Hockey most days of the week so your child can become even more confident on the ice!!! Oh man you're so close. We encourage as much time on the ice as possible. The best skaters make the best hockey players, almost every week there is a 1.5 hrs session called "Hockey Director Skate" which concentrates on hockey Skills and Drills. There are always lots of hockey parents around the rink, grab one and start asking questions. At one point we were all new to the sport and had lots of our own questions. We're all here to help!!! Feel free to email us with any questions at rvha.info@sojrspartans.com 

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