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 Want to play Hockey at the next level? Do you want to learn how to play as a team, and grow as a player? Then Southern Oregon Junior Spartans in Medford, Oregon is the youth hockey team you have been looking for. 


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How to become a Southern Oregon Junior Spartan

Getting started can be a challenge and finding the answers you seek can be even harder. The easiest way to get your child involved is to teach them to skate. The RRRink offers a weekly class called simply enough, "Learn to Skate". This very basic class is taught by the staff who are all proficient in skating. Forward, backward, and stopping are all key components to being successful on the ice. Once your child has passed Basic level 1 there is "Learn to Skate Hockey". All that's required is skates and a helmet. Easy enough right? Perfect, now your child is decent on skates. At this point gear is necessary, there is loaner gear or several websites have big discounts on new equipment. Learn to Play is on Saturdays at 12:30pm and lucky you there's a public skate session afterwards so your child can be even more confident on the ice!!! Oh man you're so close. We encourage as much time on the ice as possible. The best skaters make the best hockey players. Almost every Monday evening is, "Hockey with Jake" and Thursday's are, "Skills and Drills". There are always lots of hockey parents around the rink, grab one and start asking question. At one point we were all new to the sport and had lots of our own question. We're all here to help!!! Feel free to email us with any questions at rvha.info@sojrspartans.com 



It’s that  time of year! 

Hockey season is coming soon and to get our teams ready for the amazing season we have planned, RVHA will be hosting MANDATORY tryouts for travel hockey. 

What is travel hockey compared with our In-house program? 

Travel hockey is a selected team of players who travel to attend games and tournaments throughout Oregon, Washington, and California. This is a great way for your player to experience competitive hockey. Travel teams practice 1-2 days per week, attend 3-4 tournaments and participate in regular season games with other Oregon youth hockey associations. 

There are six age levels of teams for travel hockey:

8U birth year 2011-2012* 

10U birth year 2009-2010 

12U birth year 2007-2008 

14U birth year 2005-2006 

16U birth year 2003-2004* 

18U birth year 2001-2002

*Due to participation numbers, RVHA may combine 8U with 10u

 and 16U with 18U age classifications

The date for tryouts will be  September 7th, 2019.

8U - 12U age group will be held from 10:30am-11:30am.

14U -18U age group will be from 11:45am to 12:45pm.

Both sessions will be held at The Rrrink. 

If you have additional questions or schedule conflicts, please contact RVHA president, Matt Dybala at (541) 787-5097 or email  matt.dybala@sojrspartans.com 

In the week following tryouts, coaches will determine team rosters and contact player families. 


  • Players will need to already be registered with USA Hockey (www.usahockey.com) and bring printed confirmation to registration. If they are not registered, they cannot get on the ice.
  • Go through your gear- if you need bigger equipment, we have new gear to rent for the season and also please consider donating your small gear to us.
  • Go to sojrspartans.com and look for the registration packet you can be filled out beforehand. We will have some on hand, but prior completion will help reduce your registration time.
  • If your child did not play travel hockey last year, please bring a copy of your players birth certificate. If you were on a travel team last year, the birth year has already been verified with RVHA.


  • Plan to arrive early for registration. Check in with your age group’s team manager table. Team managers will be verifying all required information before getting on the ice.
  • RVHA will have sample jerseys for size fitting and verify player numbers that are available. We will need to collect money for jerseys the day of tryouts to get them on time.  The cost for jerseys is still TBD.
  • We will have team swag to order, if you choose.  This is a ONE-TIME order opportunity.
  • RVHA will be charging a fee of $120 to tryout*.  Initial player fees will be used to register teams for tournaments to guarantee placement and pay for initial practice ice sessions.

* If your player does not make the team, we will refund $100 of the fee, as the remaining $20 will pay for ice during tryouts.

* If your player makes the team, $100 will be immediately deposited towards players’ season fees. Cash or checks ONLY please.

Final player costs are determined by the total number of players on each roster, games played, practice sessions scheduled, tournaments and any addi onal coach or team fees. Once rosters are finalized, season fees will be determined.  

Questions? Call or email Matt Dybala  

Thanks so much and we look forward to a great season! 


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